Are you a “hot sleeper”, and wake during the night from excessive heat?  A new mattress has the ability to breathe easier, plus the added technology of gel infused memory foam and enhanced venting can lower your body’s sleeping temperature by up to 2 degrees. 

Our body changes over time, and it makes sense that we need to adapt and support our body in improved ways with the correct mattress.

It’s tempting to take advantage of special sales and deals that include a cheap mattress with your new bed frame or to hang on to a mattress you once loved well past its use by date. For the best sleep when buying a new mattress in Adelaide, don’t make these six biggest mistakes.

Buying online

Online shopping is one of the best things you can do in your pyjamas – other than having a good comfortable sleep. But it can be a mistake when you’re buying a new mattress online.

Visit a demonstration centre to try mattresses out before you make your purchase decision. Your sleep needs are unique to you, and the only way to find out if a mattress is going to provide the best support is to try one out. Modern mattresses come in a range of configurations to suit every sleeping preference, including different body sizes, sleeping positions and sleeping temperatures. A sales assistant should be able to help you navigate their range and make suggestions to help you find your perfect mattress.

So, bring your pillow and don’t be afraid to try out all your favourite sleeping positions. Save the online catalogue for checking ranges and prices. Don’t make the mistake of buying the wrong mattress online when you can try before you buy.

Waiting too long   

Your mattress might be built to last, but even the best mattress has a shelf life. Waiting too long to replace your mattress can leave you vulnerable to aches and pains and poor sleep quality.

The ideal time to replace your mattress is around seven years. Over time, your mattress will lose its ability to support you as well as it did in the past and will collect sweat and dust. Monitor your mattress for signs of wear, including worn fabric, stains, scents and sagging. Check for springs that have started to wear through to the surface and listen for any creaking and clicking. The sides are particularly prone to wear and can collapse over time in the place you usually sit to get in and out of bed. Try laying a straight broomstick across the mattress next time you remove the sheets to spot sagging. If the mattress surface falls away from the straight edge of the broomstick, it might be time to start shopping for a new mattress.

Paying too much

You can be forgiven for a little splurging on a new mattress, but you shouldn’t have to pay more than you need to. After all, you’ll need to buy a few new mattresses throughout your life as they wear or your sleeping needs change.

Choose a reputable business with a good range of quality brands available for demonstration. Your mattress should come with a warranty and be easy to replace in the rare instance that there’s a problem with its design, construction or materials. An offer to exchange your mattress within a set number of days can be a lifesaver if you find your mattress is not as comfortable as you initially thought.

Competitive pricing such as the Wohlers’ Best Price Promise can ensure you don’t pay more for your new mattress than you need to. Watch out for hidden costs like delivery and disposal.

Flying solo

Sleeping with a partner should be comforting and restful, but you can quickly run into trouble if you buy a mattress without them. Some mattresses perform better than others when it comes to supporting two different bodies.

A good mattress should allow you both to lie comfortably without interfering with each other’s quality of sleep. One common problem is a mattress that doesn’t maintain level support for both sleeping partners, causing one or both partners to lean or roll into the other. Another common problem is unwanted rocking or jiggling when your partner changes their sleeping position or wakes in the night.

If you are a light sleeper or have a particularly fidgety partner, you might like to try a mattress that specialises in isolating movement and reducing partner disturbance. If you can’t agree on a firmness level, try a model manufactured with different configurations on each side. 

Not buying locally

Don’t pay for the cost of importing a mattress from overseas or interstate. We’re spoilt for choice in South Australia and have iconic, globally recognised mattress brands manufactured right here. Sealy, A.H. Beard and Adriatic Slumber all manufacture mattresses here in South Australia, so you don’t have to pay for the cost of shipping a luxury brand from overseas. Not to mention, an Australian manufactured product purchased from a local family business like Wohlers supports Australian workers and their families. You can support the local economy while you sleep!

Don’t get stuck with your old mattress

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of your new mattress and forget about the trickiest part of the activity – disposing of your old mattress.

Old mattresses are heavy. They can be even heavier if they have collected extra dust and moisture over the years. If you’re lucky enough to live in a council area that will collect your old mattress, you might find you’re stuck with it for weeks until the next collection date. Often it needs to be left on the kerb like an unsightly garden feature until it can be collected. If you take it to a depot yourself, there’s often an extra fee to dispose of a mattress, depending on its size and composition.

We’ve got good news, when you buy a mattress from Wohlers, we will take away your old mattress for free!*