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The Glasshouse Destination Collection

The Glasshouse Destination Collection

The Glasshouse Destination Collection 


The Glasshouse Destination Collection is a gorgeous set of candles, diffusers, and accessories that were created to make you feel as though you are walking through the glassblower’s shop.  You will see amazing and lovely vessels that carry the fragrances perhaps mixed by the glassblower’s wife, and you will enrich your life with scents that were made for every home, every room, and every occasion.

Handmade and Triple-Scented


The Glasshouse Collection is comprised of triple-scented candles that are handmade in Australia, and they have a complementary set of diffusers that may be soaked in beautiful glass jars.  Each diffuser releases the same scent as its candle cousin, and the hand cremes carry the same fragrances for use at the vanity or sink.

What Will You Smell?


Floral–Floral scents come from the freshly-cut stems, fresh-cut grass, and rich petals on every plant.  Floral scents will help you feel as though you are always sitting on your screened porch or patio.  You are transported to another place, and you bathe in the scent you have found.

Oriental–Oriental fragrances are sharp and soothing.  You are given a bit of tough love when you smell heavy spices and herbs that are mixed by tradition across Asia.  They begin heavy and strong, and the fragrances become a part of your environment after a while.

Gourmand–Fruits that were cut and mixed together in the kitchen have grown this collection, and there are a number of mixtures that feature these fresh delicacies.

Woody–The fresh smell of cut wood changes when you go from tree to tree.  You may walk through a glorious forest when diffusing these scents, rubbing on the hand creme, or burning the candles.

Fresh–Citrus fruits and zest are used to sprinkle a bit of the orchards of the south and the west in your vicinity.  You will feel a hint of the vibrant scent mixed with a basic candle wick, and you will enjoy each scent without feeling overwhelmed.

Use The Full Glasshouse Collection Everywhere


The Glasshouse Collection has welcomed back Cyprus as a regular fragrance, and you are free to use their hand cremes when you leave the bathroom, burn the candles in your kitchen, and diffuse these scents in your study.  Each choice you make layers the aroma in your house, and you will smell it on your hands when you walk out the front door.

Decorate your home with the Glasshouse Collection, and it will appear as if the glassmaker and his wife the candlemaker are working from your basement.

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