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Havana Furniture – Quality Furniture for People with Busy Lives

Havana Furniture – Quality Furniture for People with Busy Lives

Havana Furniture – Quality Furniture for People with Busy Lives

The Havana collection is a fabulous selection of oak furniture made by Wohlers for Wohlers customers only. Natural, open grain oak timber brings authenticity to any home. The furniture is made with the quality features that ensure it will take the weight of whatever you have to store. The furniture features a two-stage German runner system that allows you to expand your storage space. Any growing family will enjoy the way their furniture grows with them.

Choose the Finish That Fits Your Room

If you are furnishing a room for the first time, you can choose from a variety of finishes, including natural oak, light oak, medium oak and antique cream oak. You can also find colours that match your existing home colours, as well as some that match Lazyboy and IMG timber colours to complement your existing theme.

Carry the Natural Timber Theme Throughout the Home

Wohlers has made more than fifty items in their Havana collection to go in nearly every room of the house. Start with a few basic pieces and add to your collection over time. This collection includes pieces for the bedroom, the dining room, the home office or for the kids’ room.

Functional Meets Unique

Many furniture companies believe that styles must be contemporary to be unique. They ignore the idea of making furniture functional for the sake of making it different. The Havana collection differs in that it gets its uniqueness from the natural timber, functional style, and quality construction that Wohlers is known for.

The design of the Havana furniture is timeless. Each piece that you choose to add to your home will look just as appealing years from now as it does today. The oak timber will always be in style and will have the same natural beauty that appealed to you in the first place. When you extend the storage space, it will take the added weight safely.

When it comes to coordinating the other items in your home with your furniture, the choices are almost endless. Changing the look of any room is a matter of changing the colours of your walls, rugs, or accessories. Whatever you mix it with, the furniture from the Havana collection will always meet the challenge.

Start with a single feature piece or with everything you need for one room. Come and see the Havana collection today. You won’t be disappointed by the beauty and quality that Wohlers furniture is known for.

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