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IMG – Making the Furniture You Live In

IMG – Making the Furniture You Live In

IMG – Making the Furniture You Live In

There’s always that one seat that is everyone’s favourite. It never stays empty for very long. It feels like it was made just for you. It may have taken years of use to finally get it broken in. This is the type of comfort IMG puts into every piece of furniture they make.

Body Correct Ergonomic Design

IMG relies on the shape of the human body for the design of each chair and sofa they create. Their furniture brings an end to overstuffed or too-hard furniture that never seems to have the right amount of give. Each piece is designed to support your body while providing optimal comfort. Sitting on their chairs and sofas will make you feel great no matter how long you stay.

Old World Craftsmanship

It’s the combination of details that give this furniture its appealing style. IMG combines old world techniques with state-of-the-art technology to create furniture that looks great for a long time. This furniture company has a passion for excellence that they express through superior craftsmanship and the kind of comfort that doesn’t fade with time.

The Sum of the Parts

There is no single thing that IMG does that makes their furniture stand out. Instead, they insist on using the best materials throughout every step of the selection and manufacturing process. They never cut corners and they never make do. When all the pieces come together, they have an exclusive and stylish piece of furniture that will provide its new owner with lasting performance.

Unsurpassed Value

IMG looked beyond what other furniture makers are doing and observed what consumers wanted the most from their furniture. These desires include a combination of comfort, quality, and exceptional value. The furniture company delivers with every sofa and chair they make.

When you invest in furniture from IMG, you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality for the price. You are always going to find the perfect seats for any room of your house and you never have to choose between quality and comfort. IMG puts it all together in each piece.

Why Comfort Matters

You work hard when you are at your job. You should put just as much effort into enjoying the time you spend with your friends and family at home. Everyone should have the comfort of sitting in that one seat that is the favorite of the house. When you buy furniture from IMG, everyone will.

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