Have you ever felt what it’s like to sleep on a cloud? Would you like to? Float on over to one of our three showrooms at Wohlers and you can experience the relaxing and comfortable abilities of powered beds where you will experience those floating feelings. Trust me when we say, it’s worth your time.

Sleep Health

According to the Australian Sleep Health Foundation, “around a third of Australian adults don’t get enough sleep each day” and experts agree people will improve their sleep with different sleep surfaces. Sleep is a hugely important part of everyone’s overall health. This is where people are realising the amazing benefits, they get from having a luxurious, adjustable, powered beds. Powered beds are not only a popular lifestyle choice, but they are the best way for you to get a well-rested and comfortable night’s sleep. They are just heavenly. The feeling experienced from just 20 minutes spent on a powered bed, keep you relaxed and stress-free for the rest of the day. Imagine how amazing you’d feel after a perfect night’s sleep in a powered bed?

These dreamy, powered beds are available at Wohlers and will relieve your stress and insecurities from the day soon as your head hits the pillow. “For many, sleeping slightly inclined and with the right support can help minimise discomfort and provide a more comfortable sleep” stated Sealy Posturepedic.

The “Zero-Gravity” Experience

In the powered bed, as soon as the magic of the Zero-Gravity position happens, you’ll feel cosy, safe, relaxed, and most importantly, right at home. An irresistible feeling of being completely weightless and an instant pressure relief where you can imagine yourself floating on a fluffy cloud. When the Zero-Gravity position adjusts, the bed frame raises your head, shoulders and lifts your legs (as you can see pictured below). It is such an amazing position to place yourself into.

The Benefits of a Powered Bed

Are you still hesitant? Well let’s break it down… A bed is where you sleep and where you spend a third of your life. A comfortable bed improves your quality of sleep. A powered bed can provide you with massaging powers, luxury elevation options for sleep, reading or watching TV, an instant increased comfort, useful adjustability, and they are found in a variety of sizes and styles. With these benefits from a powered bed, you can close your eyes, relax, and be proud that you are helping your body to heal itself while you are sleeping. Bluesky Healthcare Au agrees and acknowledges there are few things more rewarding then being able to put your feet up after a long day in a comfortable bed.

As well as the great relaxation and comforting abilities of powered beds, there are also health benefits. Check them out here:

• Back Pain Relief
• Help with Sleep Apnea and Snoring
• Encourages Healthy Digestion
• Minimises Swelling for Sprained Limbs or Injuries
• Reduce Acid Reflux and Heartburn

Luxury at an Affordable Price

These powered beds are becoming so popular for comfort, health benefits and for the awesome convenience of them. With the adjustability, Zero-Gravity, massage settings and incredible comfort, it is luxury at an affordable price.

Remember, if you head over to a Wohlers (Mount Barker, Richmond or Tanunda) you are guaranteed to receive the most above and beyond customer service where the staff turn the bed testing into an awesome experience! The Wohlers Experience!

PLUS Don’t get stuck with your old mattress

When buying a Powered Bed, an adjustable Mattress is required to suit your Powered Bed Base. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of your new mattress and forget about the trickiest part of the activity – disposing of your old mattress.

Old mattresses are heavy. They can be even heavier if they have collected extra dust and moisture over the years. If you’re lucky enough to live in a council area that will collect your old mattress, you might find you’re stuck with it for weeks until the next collection date. Often it needs to be left on the curb like an unsightly garden feature until it can be collected. If you take it to a depot yourself, there’s often an extra fee to dispose of a mattress, depending on its size and composition.

We’ve got good news, when you buy a mattress from Wohlers, we will take away your old mattress for free!*