Men’s ‘Country’ Plain Black Leather Belt WINDERMERE


Windermere Men’s Country Belt – Plain Black


Leather is a real NATURAL product. It BREATHES and ABSORBS. Like fingerprints, no two grain patterns are the same. Our leather range is vegetable tanned. During the tanning process special barks and juices of trees are given to the leather skins. These are then treated in a sunbath to intensify the colours. Why? Natural dyes add Natural Beauty to our leather – reviving an Artisan Skill from the past…


Windermere Leathers are selected for their strength, character, grains and their tactile quality. The untreated ‘naked’ leather is rotated in drums where it is softened and enriched. Using this tanning method imbues the surface of the leather with a vitality and a sensual, ‘back to basic’ fragrance. We use Natural Dyes – Because We Care!

Fabric: Made using Genuine Leather and Natural Dyes.

Styles: Plain Design |  Stitched also Available

Colours: Black with Silver Colour Keeper Also available: Tan with Copper Colour Keeper

Sizes 36″, 38″, 40″, 42″, 44″, 46″, 48″ – Custom sizes also Available. Contact us to find out more..

We can ship to friends or family as a gift from you… or spoil yourself!


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