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Wohlers introduce IMG Furniture demonstration centre

Wohlers introduce IMG Furniture demonstration centre



Wohlers introduces IMG Demonstration Centre

Wohlers has always been known for their connection with high quality furniture, and the addition of the vast IMG range has consolidated Wohlers as Australia’s premier supplier of quality furniture.

IMG is a true experience in comfort, with the DNA of Scandinavian passion.  IMG’s core commitment is on comfort, quality and innovative design.  Whether you are seeking the sleek and tailored design of the IMG Nordic recliners, or the simplistic beauty of the IMG Sofa’s, Wohlers offers a comprehensive range to experience.

Why IMG?  IMG isn’t simply about providing stylish furniture with the mystique of Norway.  IMG boast Comfort, tailored craftsmanship, leading warranty and cushioning technology to provide what many owners worldwide consider the world’s most comfortable chair.


Providing supreme comfort to customers, IMG simply study’s the Human Body to create furniture for daily use that balances creative design with comfort, health ergonomics and space efficiency.  The only way to truly experience the comfort of IMG is by visiting Wohlers IMG Demonstration Centre – Australia’s largest.


IMG is all about passion.  The Scandinavian Passion.  Within every chair and sofa you will discover their passion for excellence.  IMG’s philosophy is to combine the science of ergonomic with old-world craftsmanship.  IMG knows their customers want comfort and quality that last, and developed a unique “COLD-CURED FOAM CUSHIONING”.    Rather than layers of steel structure support, springs and cushioning, IMG use space-age material to encase the interior steel frame and sinuous springs, which allows for body-friendly curvatures to be covered with a glove fitted upholstery.


Wohlers pride themselves of offering only the best and highest quality furniture to their valued customers.  IMG is a perfect fit for Wohlers high standard.  The extremely high standard of production at IMG’s Design Centre in Sykkylven NORWAY, allows IMG to offer a powerful warranty.  Ten year warranty of moulded cushion and steel frames.  Yes – a ten year warranty on IMG cushions for their chairs and sofa.  An additional five year warranty is offered on mechanisms.  Further to this IMG Australia offers two years warranty on all motor battery parts, leather and fabric covers.  With this extensive warranty you know that IMG and Wohlers are offering a quality product to be enjoyed for years, if not generations to come.


IMG has an extremely simple and logical approach to the environment.  Produce high quality furniture that will last.  IMG Nordic, IMG recliners, IMG sofas are all built to last meaning less land fill.  Why purchase a sofa that needs replacing in two to three years?

IMG Australia, in partnership with Wohlers, have ensured that IMG suites, IMG Nordic range and simply all IMG Furniture is offered to all Australians.  Wohlers through their high volume and direct purchasing with IMG Australia are able to offer Australia’s best pricing on the IMG range.    Whether you are looking for Nordic, Anita, Nordic 21, Nordic 60, Nordic 92, Portsea, Denver, Brando, Relaxer, or any chair or sofa or suite, Wohlers is your place to visit.

Don’t buy a chair or lounge before visiting our demonstration centre at Wohlers Richmond, Wohlers Mount Barker or Wohlers Tanunda.

Experience the Scandinavian Passion

Experience Wohlers Demonstration Centre

Enjoy Australia’s BEST PRICING on IMG at Wohlers




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