Powered Recliners

There’s nothing better than spending an afternoon in your favourite comfy chair reading a book, watching television, or having coffee and a chat to your family. After spending time in your chair, it can be challenging to transition from being seated into a standing position. If you have trouble sitting or standing due to health issues, recent surgery, sore joints, or pregnancy, you may find getting in and out of that beloved chair might be a concern.

A lift chair, which looks like a normal recliner, provides valuable assistance to those who are struggling to transition from a seated to a standing position. With a simple touch of a button, the lift chair gently rises and tips forward allowing you to step out of the chair with ease and reassurance.

Our customers usually have a lot of questions about these lift chairs and want a better understanding of them. Below we help answer some of your burning questions about the luxury and convenience of lift chairs.

How does a Lift Chair Work?

All lift chairs are initiated by simply pressing a button where the chair slowly raises you up so you can stand with ease. The chairs can also tip forward to help you get out of the chair.
Sitting down is the same concept, just the opposite way, as La-Z-Boy explains, “smoothly and effortlessly lowers you to a comfortable seated position”.
The lift chairs also have different function positions for your comfort. See them below:

What might be some benefits of a Lift Chair?

A lift chair may help reduce the strain placed on your body when transitioning from standing up and sitting down. Our lift chairs can allow you to gain a slice of independence as an activity you can achieve yourself daily. Another benefit of our lift chairs is the peace of mind that the chair assists in a safer day to day activity and a reduction for the risk of injury. Statewide Home Health Care (SHHC) are an Australian company who specialise in mobility services and products. They state that lift chairs can “provide a comfortable, safe, and effective solution for the elderly”. SHHC also recommends you talk to your health care provider as they can give you “specific exercises to do from the chair to assist with the path to recovery or pain reduction”.

Will the Lift Chair fit my body size?

At Wohlers we have different sizes to create the perfect fit for our customers. Lift chairs should be fitted to the user for the greatest result and comfort. It’s always best to come in store and speak to our friendly furniture staff where you can use the chairs to see which one is most suitable. Our staff provide you with a Wohlers experience where you can test the lift chairs and understand the ease of sitting and standing.

What do I need to know before buying a Lift Chair?

Things to consider before buying a lift chair:

  • Available positions – make sure you review the positions that the chair can achieve so you get the full benefit of using a lift chair
  • Accessories – ask our furniture staff what accessories that could go with the lift chair for additional support and comfort
  • Fit – make sure you choose the size that makes you the most comfortable and that prevents slouching or hanging feet
  • Style and fabric – there are a lot of choices available at Wohlers so make sure you check out which options in fabric and style you prefer. Then you can pick a lift chair that blend perfectly with your decors
  • Weight capacity.

What upholstery is best?

The upholstery for the lift chairs is an important consideration to look at when shopping. If you’re a type of person who perspires a lot, then leather might not provide you with the comfort you want. In that case, you’d be looking at a chair made from fabric. Otherwise, leather lift chairs are the most popular for older people because they are durable.

What do I do with my old recliner?

Our own team here at Wohlers can remove your old recliner for you, and we even deliver your new lift chair right into you home for your convenience. Just ask one of our friendly staff members!