Daryl and Marilyn Wohlers opened the doors of The Tanunda Pottery Shop, which is now known as Wohlers for the first time in 1988.

Selling handmade pottery, including coffee mugs, serving platters, canisters and a range of other items made either free form or on the pottery wheel.

Daryl and Marilyn originally had vineyards at Seppeltsfield and Marananga and then decided to open a small craft shop with coffee in the early 80s called the Marananga Tearooms/Restaurant.

The pair worked tirelessly from the very beginning with Marilyn recalling times her and Daryl would move terracotta pots every morning out the front of the shop and then back in the evening.

When they decided to get into pottery they couldn’t have known that they would end up having one of the largest handmade pottery shops in Australia, buying from around 60 potters in South Australia and interstate.

The Tanunda Pottery Shop underwent a transformation into the Tanunda Pottery and Furniture Shop, with the final name change to ‘Wohlers’ coming after Daryl went overseas and noticed big brand names were hard to pronounce but the shoppers remembered them. They decided that they would use their German family name as it is distinctive and nobody could confuse it with any other business.

Antique furniture was a big part of the business, but new mahogany furniture was becoming so popular and affordable that Wohlers decided to make it the future of the business.

Wohlers has a history of being a family business with all members being involved with the store.

The family business continues to grow and change over the years. From selling pottery to kitchenware, homewares, baby gifts, men’s gifts, handbags, jewellery, scarves and furniture.

Wohlers has since emerged as a leading provider of high quality furniture and homewares.

The huge success of the company could not have been managed without the team of talented and passionate staff in all areas of the company. All who work very hard to make your experience at Wohlers pleasurable and unforgettable.

Wohlers is committed to providing our customers with personal service, The Wohlers Experience. Something, that we think, cannot be found anywhere else.