Thank you to all for joining us in Celebrating Inspirational Women!


Thank you to all who entered and for sharing your inspirational stories and pictures!

Michele W

I love waking up with a smile reminded of Mum saying ‘it’s a brand new day, I’ve never seen one quite like before’.

– Michele W

Bronwyn L

“My beautiful Friend Jen pictured left here with me. Jen lost her mother just after she became a mother and is a selfless loving human who loves her children, friends and family unconditionally”

– Bronwyn L

Tori P

“My mum is my inspiration. She has survived living with Parkinson’s & 3 strokes. She is the glue that holds our family together. She always thinks of us over herself. She is the embodiment of love. “

– Tori P

Vicki K

“My beautiful daughter is so inspirational. Not only is she an amazing mum but also a true fighter. She was diagnosed with Ms in 2012 at the age of just 22 when her son was 14months old. “

– Vicki K

Sandra W

“The person in white is my angel when I was ill with life threatening illness she was there for me and has been there even though my recovery it’s the genuine love that makes this world go round”

– Sandra W

Claudine C

“Brigitte is inspirational and supports women across all age groups. Being 80 doesn’t stop her living her best life and attending at least 3!live music gigs each week! Truly inspirational.”

– Claudine C

Joanne K

“I’ve known this lady all my life. She showed me how to survive & take chances in life. Being positive, strong and confident after becoming a single woman & believing you can accomplish anything”

– Joanne K

Rebecca B

“Me with my gorgeous Nanna Edna(96). Kind caring & my best friend. Artistic, accepting, makes the best lemonade scones & always tells a cheeky joke with a twinkle in her eye. “Kindness costs nothing” “

– Rebecca B

Dana M

“This is my Soul Sister the most beautiful person I have ever met Michelle is a strong indigenous Proud Woman who has been through so much in her life but is always there for others”

– Dana M

Angela B

“Do what makes your heart sing” is my mums saying”

– Angela B

Marisa G

“Truly inspiring, hard working & dedicated women with unconditional love for all! These ladies migrated to Aust with very little, today we feel privileged in the lives that we have thanks to them”

– Marisa G

Veena R

“My inspiration is my daughter Dina, a mother raising her two beautiful children on her own, working fulltime as a teacher with all its complexities. Thoughtful loving daughter and step daughter.”

– Veena R

Sarah B

“My aunty, took me in at 17 after losing my mum her sister. Supported me over the years as a young single mum providing support and advice. Created with love formalwear to support others in need.”

– Sarah B

Sharon H

My daughter, Clarissa, battled anxiety, health battles for years before managing to support herself through University, to achieve her dream job. She is my hero, so proud of her and her determination.

– Sharon H

Vanessa K

“My mum who up up-rooted her life back home to bring all five kids to Australia for a better life! We are eternally grateful. Without a word of English u raised us. Your patience and love is palpable!”

– Vanessa K

Carly C

My mum is the most inspiring woman I know. Has survived every storm life has thrown at her. Her favourite quote “a woman is like a tea bag you never know how strong she is until she gets in got water” 

– Carly C

Teresa P

“My mum is an inspiration having been through WW2, displacement, poverty, hunger, racism and abuse. She says she has still a lot to live for and that life is beautiful “

– Teresa P

Olga K

“My daughters . They inspire me to be a better mum of adult children and a loving nana to my 4 grandchildren.. they are my life and I love them all memories of my late mum also inspire me “

– Olga K

Jodie B

“My inspiration is my sister Chris. She was 14 when l was born. Chris has done everything for me not only being a sister, mother figure but bf too. My life would be so different without her. Love her”

– Jodie B

Bronny C

“I’m very lucky to be the daughter of an amazing, inspirational woman, Janine Haines. Her history speaks for itself on how much she accomplished and inspired other girls and women in her short life”

– Bronny C

Kristie N

“Mum experienced the worst childhood-abandoned by her parents at birth. Mum brought my sister and I up determined that we would never feel anything but wanted and loved. She succeeded. I am so blessed.”

– Kristie N

Cheyenne C

“My mum is the most inspirational person to me, she’s had a tough life but has always pushed through and given our family the best throughout our lives, she has given up so much for us.”

– Cheyenne C

Sue H

“My friend Heather Woods is inspirational. At 86 yrs of age and after losing her life partner from covid 2 years ago she still cheers up so many friends with her phone calls hospital visits and cards.”

– Sue H

Ari M

“This photo of me and my Indonesians mother who raised me until I was 12 years old, she gave me second chance to live with new parents in Australia I’m loving it. What a wonderful mothers,I love them”

– Ari M

Catherine B

“My sister Gemma, a fulltime carer for her severely disabled child, a willing volunteer at school and husbands rugby club, talented cook, devoted mother of 2 and a smiling inspiration to all who know her.”

– Catherine B

Thank you to all our entrants!

Soula T

“My twin daughters give me inspiration as their busy lives with each raising 3 children each are super mums in my eyes. As I raised 4 children they too are super mums in their daily lives. “

– Soula T

Susanne D

“My mum with me on my wedding day, my mum gave me away on my wedding day as my dad had passed away, a few years prior to my wedding day. Love my mum “

– Susanne D

Kaitlynne A

“My mum is my inspiration, she has taught me how to be a strong, proud, caring and compassionate nurse. She pushes me to strive and is there to catch me if I fall but also stand beside me in victory.”

– Kaitlynne A

Laura G

“My Mum is my inspirational woman – always inspiring and encouraging me. My Mum is the most beautiful person – and I like to think I inherited at least 10% of that genetically. “

– Laura G

Julie F

“My dear mum is 97 years old and is coming to live with me this week as she’s not managing at home anymore. Her favourite saying is “If you don’t use it” “

– Julie F

Emily P

“My Mum is the most proud & doting Nanna to my son. He is so lucky to have her in his life and to have the same experiences I did as a child. We are eternally grateful for her and love living close by.”

– Emily P

Sandy L

“Meeting Gillian Hicks was the most inspiring, emotional and inspirational person I have ever met. Her talk and experience stays with me. Her inner peace and tranquility is amazing. With Kelley Russo “

– Sandy L

Glen J

“Adele Justice, she’s taught art and been in leadership at Xavier College for the past 20 yrs and recently has given it all up to concentrate on establishing herself as an artist. A huge brave change!”

– Glen J

Cathy F

“So the ladies in the photo are my three daughters . They with my son inspire me everyday to be better do better and grow . Love them dearly”

– Cathy F

Kate S

“My mum is my rock. Through good times and bad she is there for me. She is the definition of mother – unconditional love, strong, kind but fair and dedicated to her family.”

– Kate S

Amanda N

“My mum just had a hip replacement 83 year old Italian lady . Wish I was like her one tough lady she can do anything from digging the whole back yard making home made pizza olive oil tomato sauce. “

– Amanda N

Elsa D

“Love is our mother. Your mother’s love is the purest love you can find on this earth. A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take”

– Elsa D

Mandy M

“This is my 81 year old mum with my disabled daughter. My mum has been there to help me raise my daughter. She’s a cake decorater and donates them to charitys for prizes. Never says No to anybody.”

– Mandy M


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