We love our pets and they are a huge part of the family! Our pets love our furniture, sometimes a little more than we’d like. For most households, pets can be a challenge we deal with when it comes to keeping the house and furniture smelling and looking its best. With our furry friends enthusiastically coming and going inside and out, they can’t always remember to wipe their paws at the back door. Sometimes, even the best trained pets don’t quite make it outside in time and can leave you wondering what to do next.

We suggest that prevention is the best defence for your furniture to stay clean, fresh and comfy. This is where the Aquaclean Technology is a fantastic investment you won’t regret.

What is Aquaclean?

Aquaclean is an innovative fabric treatment that allows fabric to be cleaned easily and quickly. It is convenient and effortless to remove a stain from your fabric with only water and a cloth when your furniture is made from the Aquaclean Technology.

The Aquaclean Technology is completely pet friendly – in fact, it is 100% eco-friendly and is Made in Green certified. This means no harmful substances are used in the fabric and it safe for humans and their furry friends.
If you’d like to learn more about this remarkable Aquaclean Technology, come in to one of our Wohlers showrooms and we’d love to show you the fabrics section and answer any questions you may have.

Why Aquaclean?

Does your dog want to come run inside on a rainy day and do zoomies on and around the couch? Or does your cat decide to eat their smelly catnip treats on the couch? Or does your puppy have accidents on your furniture while they are learning to be toilet trained? As a user of this Technology, you can relax, feel safe, protected and unconcerned about stains – allowing you to enjoy your furniture more with your pets.


So Easy to use!

The cleaning process of stains is fast and simple:

  1. Step One: Remove the excess of the stain remains
  2. Step Two: Apply a bit of water over the top of the stain – either directly on the furniture or on a cloth
  3. Step Three: Wait a few seconds before patting the stain with the cloth and gently rubbing over the fabric in a circular motion.

That’s it! The stain then disappears without any fuss! The Aquaclean treatment is just as effective at the time of staining as it is after 24 hours. Which means, if your pet has left you a sneaky stain surprise on your furniture without you noticing, it is nothing to be worried about. If you’d like to see the cleaning magic for yourself, check out Aquaclean’s Stain Gallery videos.

Here at Wohlers, we have a huge variety of fabrics available with the Aquaclean Technology where you can choose the upholstery, you’d like to suit your home.