The Right Scented Candle for Every Room

Sandra Gale Candles These Candles and their fragrances help set the tone for a space no matter what room your candle is in. They can bring calming senses to a relaxing bubble bath, intimacy to a romantic dinner or fresh scents to a cleaned house.

Although, there are some fragrances that don’t belong in certain spaces. For example, a bathroom smelling like sweet lollies may be a little unusual. For your convenience, we have created this guide to help you choose the perfect candle for your space.

Most people aim to create a household full of creativity, positivity and happiness for themselves, their families, and their visitors. The Sandra Gale Studio have collaborated with Collective Soul to create a candle range called the Girls Weekend Art Candles. These candles are a great way to support locally with the products crafted in South Australia as well as a fantastic option for freshening up your home with new fragrances. The new candles will be featured throughout this piece to help you find the best suitable candle for your home.

Candles for the Living Room

The living room is usually the biggest room in the house. This is where we find the candles that may be overpowering in small spaces, really thrive! Fresh fruity scents revive the space leaving your living room feeling more spacious. Sandra Gale’s Fun and Friendship Sunset Drinks would be perfect for the living room. This candle is a blend of juniper and citrus with lemon and lime verbena that creates a delightful zest throughout the space.

Candles for the Bathroom

A bathroom is a great spot for an ocean or outdoors themed candle to make the room smell fresh and clean. Citrus scents can also work nicely in this space as it can linger without being overpowering. Although, if you are planning on having a therapeutic bath, we’d recommend trying a calming lavender candle to help relax and sooth you. Love, Bliss, Strength, Decadent Summer Nights Candle is an excellent candle to fill the bathroom with an enchanting blend of lilies, floral aromatics and some citrus.

Candles for the Bedroom

This room is all about your individual preference. The bedroom is a relaxing space where you want to feel calm and comfortable. That’s why we recommend a classic floral and aromatherapy-type fragrances. However, this is your space and how you chose your aroma to relax is up to you!
How does a floral blend of cherry blossom with rose, musk, jasmine and woody hints of sandalwood sound to you? This candle is the Creative Abundance Spring Blossoms Candle and hits your senses naturally.

Candles for the Entry

When your family members or visitors first enter your home, it is great to be greeted by the warm, cosy scents of rich and creamy blends. Sweet vanilla or caramel fragrances are wonderful choices to entice all members of your home. The Enchanting Energy Sweet Delights Candle makes you feel right at home. The blend of buttery caramel and rich vanilla with hazelnut, rose and cinnamon adds to the homely comforts of your household.

Candles for the Kitchen

Think carefully when choosing the candle for your kitchen because you don’t want a scent that will clash with your beautiful cooking aromas. However, you do want something that will help reduce the potentially unpleasant smells that could be in the kitchen. That is where citrus help mask those nasty smells and compliment the delicious cooking smells. Mandarin, peppermint and cinnamon with rose, amber and leather create a balanced fragrance called Delight In Your Brilliance Spiced, Dark & Delicious Candle. This scent is so juicy, fresh and delicious.

Choosing candles for each room is very important to capture the sensations and feelings suitable for that room. If you are looking to add a sparkle of happiness to your home and a splash of colour, check out the rest of the Sandra Gale Candle range in store at our homewares section at Wohlers.