Traditional Scandinavian furniture has always been recognised for its quality, functionality and minimalism. These breath-taking designs are created with a high quality build and high functionality, making them a beautiful addition to your home.
Genuine IMG Nordic recliners are durable, timeless and made with quality materials that cannot be cheaply replicated. So how do you tell if the piece you are looking at is a genuine Nordic recliner? Let’s explore the features and benefits of Nordic Recliners for you to better understand the authenticity and quality of our IMG Nordics.

Our IMG genuine Nordic recliners are crafted to the highest quality standards with the recliner’s mechanism made by the largest specialised mechanism supplier in the world! The Norwegian quality has a construction based on a hard wood and steel frame with IMG’s unique cold-cure foam cushioning.

Cold-cure Foam

The cold-cure foam cushioning is created in a mould encasing the Nordic recliners interior steel frame and springs. Once cured, the foam cushioning is covered with glove-fitted leather or upholstery. This process creates the perfect body-friendly curves and long-lasting, firm comfort. The high-density rebound foam gives our Nordic recliners a solid support base that retains its shape and comfort for years. This is an important tip so you can understand that your Nordic will not compress and lose its shape with the cold-cure

Laminated Wood

Our IMG Nordic recliners have ultra-sonic oak wood lamination as well as a steel frame that gives our designs extreme strength. This guarantees you a strong, sturdy recliner that can hold up to 120kgs!


Another tip for you is to explore our wide variety of leather and fabric options available for your Nordic recliner covering. While our full cowhide leather is initially more expensive than fabric upholstery, it is recognised as a better investment over time. Did you know that leather has an average lifespan of four times longer than that of fabric? For the fabric Nordic recliners, we have the Aqua Clean technology to protect your recliner. It’s a revolutionary fabric treatment that allows you to clean stains by just using water! If you’d like to learn more, check out our blog about Aqua Clean here.

Structural Warranty

Knowing the warranty that’s available for your Nordic is crucial! The warranty assures you that you are buying good quality pieces that don’t contain manufacturing defects. IMG have a manufactures warranty on all their Nordic recliners for your peace of mind:
➢ 10 years on molden foam cushions and steel frames
➢ 5 years on mechanisms
➢ 2 years on motor and battery-parts
➢ 2 years on leather and fabric covers.


Lastly, this might seem like an obvious tip, but one of the easiest ways to find the authenticity of an IMG Nordic Recliner is simple: Look for the IMG tag attached to the fabric or leather. Once found, you are guarenteed the high level of authenticity and quality of the IMG Nordic recliners.


There is a high standard of quality associated with IMG’s Nordic recliners that is hard to replicate. The genuine Nordics are sophisticated, stylish and comfortable for all and have a variety of colour/style options for you to choose from. With our huge range of IMG products available, we encourage you to come in to one of three of our showrooms to visit our variety of gorgeous Nordic recliners. Our highly skilled and experienced team members would love to help you find the perfect recliner here at Wohlers.

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